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Clear Films

Our professionally engineered clear films, sourced from a top USA based company are designed to block 99% of the damaging UV rays coming in through your windows – Protecting your health and your belongings from sun damage.

As the name suggests, clear films are totally clear and will not change the exterior or interior appearance of your windows in any way. It provides some protection against the heat but its main function is to reject the damaging UV rays coming in through your windows.  

 Also Available in Safety and Security Options – 2 MIL, 4 MIL, 7 MIL, 8 MIL, 12 MIL, 15 MIL

Clear UV Films

Performance Specification

Type of Film

Heat Rejection

Ultra Violet Rejection

Life Span

Clear UV



10 Years

Life Spans indicate the time period of peak performance as per specifications as well as against cracking, bubbling and fading

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