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Solar Control Film

Our professionally engineered solar control films, sourced from a top USA based company, are specially designed to solve major sun problems – such as excessive heat, UV, glare & eye strain.

A quick & easy application process which causes minimum disturbance or disruption. 

ESE’s famed USA brand professional solar control films are a heat & UV rejecting, energy saving system for your space. They are ultra-long lasting and are specially manufactured to reduce disturbing glare and eye strain whilst enhancing the optical clarity through your windows.

Benefits of our Solar Control Film

  • Long lasting. Up to 10 years without fading, cracking or bubbling.
  • Can reject up to 85% of the heat coming in through your window, which can also reduce the work load of your A/C system thus reducing your electricity bills.
  • ALL OUR films reject 99% of the damaging UV rays coming in through your window which will be beneficial to your health & will prevent your interior from sun damage.
  • Instead of just blocking the sun, our films are specially engineered to reduce disturbing glare from the sun, reducing eye strain and enhancing the optical clarity of your window.  
  • Makes your overall space cool, comfortable and soothing whilst also improving its aesthetic appeal.
  • Privacy
  • Increased visual appearance of building

Our films start working immediately after application and are available in a wide range of shades and colours to choose from. 

Types of Solar Control Film

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